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—This statement examines the relation of the resting ECG to its technology. Its purpose is to foster understanding of how the modern ECG is derived and displayed and to establish standards that will improve the accuracy and usefulness of the ECG in practice. Derivation of representative waveforms and measurements based on global intervals are described.(More)
BACKGROUND CD146 is a well described homotypic adhesion molecule found on endothelial cells and a limited number of other cell types. In cells from the peripheral circulation, CD146 has also been reported to be on activated lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo. The function associated with CD146 expression on lymphoid cells is unknown and very little(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of our investigation was to examine serial changes in autonomic nervous system activity along with measurements of hemodynamics and cardiac contractility, in assessing the mechanism(s) that underlie neurally mediated cardiac syncope (NMCS) in children. BACKGROUND Previous research that used heart rate variability analysis alone to(More)
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