James Hunziker

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous 19-25 nucleotide RNAs that have recently emerged as a novel class of important gene-regulatory molecules involved in many critical developmental and cellular functions. miRNAs have been implicated in the pathogenesis of several human diseases, such as neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and more recently in viral and(More)
Our objective was to review the current body of evidence supporting the efficacy of self-management programs in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other chronic neurological conditions. We reviewed published literature using standardized search terms; examined self-management interventions in a variety of chronic neurological disorders, including(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether Ginkgo biloba extract (ginkgo) improves cognitive function in persons with multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS Persons with MS from the Seattle and Portland VA clinics and adjacent communities who scored 1 SD or more below the mean on one of 4 neuropsychological tests (Stroop Test, California Verbal Learning Test II [CVLT-II],(More)
Iterative decoding is used to achieve backward compatible performance improvement in several existing systems. Concatenated coding and iterative decoding are first set up using composite mappings, so that various applications in digital communication and recording can be described in a concise and uniform manner. An ambiguity zone detection (AZD) based(More)
[structure: see text] To study the structural requirements of aminoglycoside binding to nucleic acids, compound 1-an analogue of the naturally occurring nucleoside J-was synthesized. When incorporated into oligodeoxynucleotides, 1 leads to thermal stabilization of the resulting duplexes. The increase in pairing affinity is stronger with complementary RNA(More)
We synthesized a miR-122 antimiR library in which drug-like fragments were site-specifically introduced to short 2'-O-methyl-RNAs. At some sites selected fragments elevated cellular antimiR activity to that of an unmodified 23mer antimiR, whereas at others the same fragments abolished activity. The potency of the antimiRs correlated with uptake into miRISC.
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