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Spatio-temporal pattern recognizers using spiking neurons and spike-timing-dependent plasticity
We show that by using spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP), neurons can adapt to the beginning of a repeating spatio-temporal firing pattern in their input, and the neurons are feed-forwardly connected in such a way that both the correct input segment and the firing of the previous neurons are required in order to activate the next neuron. Expand
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Modeling Peripheral Olfactory Coding in Drosophila Larvae
The Drosophila larva possesses just 21 unique and identifiable pairs of olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs), enabling investigation of the contribution of individual OSN classes to the peripheralExpand
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STDP pattern onset learning depends on background activity.
Spike-timing dependent plasticity is a learning mechanism used extensively within neural modelling. The learning rule has previously been shown to allow a neuron to learn a repeated spatio-temporalExpand
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Intrinsic spine dynamics are critical for recurrent network learning in models with and without autism spectrum disorder
It is often assumed that Hebbian synaptic plasticity forms a cell assembly, a mutually interacting group of neurons that encodes memory. However, in recurrently connected networks with pure HebbianExpand
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Cortico-Striatal Cross-Frequency Coupling and Gamma Genesis Disruptions in Huntington’s Disease Mouse and Computational Models
Abstract Abnormal gamma band power across cortex and striatum is an important phenotype of Huntington’s disease (HD) in both patients and animal models, but neither the origin nor the functionalExpand
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This guide will cover all aspects of Greek and Roman philosophy from the Pre-Socratics through the second century A.D.
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