James Hughes Adams

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Galactic cosmic rays consist of protons, electrons and ions, most of which are believed to be accelerated to relativistic speeds in supernova remnants. All components of the cosmic rays show an intensity that decreases as a power law with increasing energy (for example as E(-2.7)). Electrons in particular lose energy rapidly through synchrotron and inverse(More)
β-Amyloid precursor protein immunostaining has recently been shown to be a reliable method for detecting the damage to axons associated with fatal head injury. In an attempt to compare the efficacy of this technique with conventional histological detection of axonal damage, we have reanalysed sections from a large well-characterised series of head-injured(More)
Detailed neurohistological studies were undertaken on 35 cases of cardiac arrest, 17 of hypoglycaemia and 16 of status epilepticus. It was found that the frequency and pattern of selective vulnerability in the hippocampus were similar following cardiac arrest, hypoglycaemia and status epilepticus with the exception that the lateral limb of the dentate(More)
1. Experiments were carried out to establish what relationship there is between the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood and the concentrations of glycogen in muscle and liver of thirty-six trained and thirty-six untrained rats exercised at the same absolute load. There were, in addition, non-exercised control animals (of which thirty-six were(More)
Liver and muscle glycogen, and blood 3-hydroxybutyrate concentrations were studied during and for 2 h after treadmill running for 1 h, in 144 carbohydrate-starved trained and untrained rats. The resting liver glycogen concentration of the trained animals was 227 +/- 8 (mean +/- S.E.M.) mumol glucosyl units/g wet mass, compared with 162 +/- 12 mumol/g in the(More)
The hippocampus has been known to be involved in fatal non-missile human head injury, although detailed histopathology of this lesion has yet to be described. This report documents the frequency and distribution of hippocampal damage in a consecutive series of 112 fatal human non-missile head injuries. Damage to the hippocampus was noted in 94 cases (84%).(More)
The results of ATIC-2 baloon experiment (2002–2003) for energy spectra of protons, He, C, O, Ne, Mg, Si, Fe, some groups of nuclei, and all-particle spectrum in primary cosmic rays are presented in energy region 50 GeV–200 TeV. The conclusion is that the spectra of protons and helium nuclei are essentially different (the spectrum of protons is steeper) and(More)
1. The development of post-exercise ketosis is not abolished by the ingestion of glucose immediately after exercise, despite inducing high insulin/glucagon ratios in the peripheral (and therefore by implication in the portal) blood. 2. To investigate the possibility of autonomic control of the liver influencing its sensitivity to the major(More)