James Huggins

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DIGITAL's Alpha 21264 processor is a highly out-of-order, superpipelined, superscalar implementation of the Alpha architecture, capable of a peak execution rate of six instructions per cycle and a sustainable rate of four per cycle. The 21264 also features a 500 MHz clock speed and a high-bandwidth system interface that channels up to 5.3 Gbytes/second of(More)
The Unified Modeling Language has become widely accepted as a standard in software development. Several tools have been produced to support UML model validation. However, most of them support either static or dynamic model checking; and no tools support to check both static and dynamic aspects of a UML model. But a UML model should include the static and(More)
The Uniied Modeling Language is becoming more and more popular in the software development. However because of its ambiguisity in its semantic model, few veriication tool has been built. Abstract State Machines have been successfully applied in giving semantics for programming language like C. In this report, we try to use the Abstract State Machines to(More)
Latest research results have shown that requirements errors have a prolonged impact on software development and that they are more expensive to fix during later stages than early stages in software development. Use case diagrams in UML are used to give requirements for a software system, but all descriptions for each use case are written in informal(More)
1 Summary The literature on teaching pedagogy is filled with volumes of material on how to properly design a course. One should consider the background of the students in the course, the educational objectives which students should achieve by the end of the course, coverage of various cognitive levels by those objectives, and so on. All that good advice(More)