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The increased adoption of mobile devices and social networking is drastically changing the way people monitor and share knowledge about their environment. Here, information and communication technologies (ICT) offer significant new ways to support social activism in cities by providing residents with new digital tools to articulate projects and mobilize(More)
The worldwide use of the Internet and social networking has transformed the constraints of time and space in human interaction: we can now be heard at a massive scale unprecedented in human history. As a result, information and communication technologies may enable citizens to undertake both government through direct assembly and collective action at a(More)
Computer-mediated communication can be defined as any form of human communication achieved through computer technology. From its beginnings, it has been shaping the way humans interact with each other, and it has influenced many areas of society. There exist a plethora of communication services enabling computer-mediated social communication (e.g., Skype,(More)
Erythrocytes sensitized with purified neuraminidase (Hong Kong) antigens were used for assay of influenza A neuraminidase antibodies. The neuraminidase indirect hemagglutination test was equal to the neuraminidase hemagglutination-inhibition (enhancement) test and appeared to be better than the neuraminidase inhibition test for detection of fourfold or(More)
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