James Harrison

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  • Jacqueline K. White, Anna-Karin Gerdin, Natasha A. Karp, Ed Ryder, Marija Buljan, James N. Bussell +124 others
  • 2013
Mutations in whole organisms are powerful ways of interrogating gene function in a realistic context. We describe a program, the Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project, that provides a step toward the aim of knocking out all genes and screening each line for a broad range of traits. We found that hitherto unpublished genes were as likely to reveal(More)
We have developed a pipeline-based system for automated annotation of Surgical Pathology Reports with UMLS terms that builds on GATE--an open-source architecture for language engineering. The system includes a module for detecting and annotating negated concepts, which implements the NegEx algorithm--an algorithm originally described for use in discharge(More)
1. Both clinical and preclinical models of postsurgical pain are being used more frequently in the early evaluation of new chemical entities. In order to assess the validity and reliability of a rat model of postincisional pain, the effects of different classes of clinically effective analgesic drugs were evaluated against multiple behavioural end points.(More)
Sensory functioning has long been considered crucial in the life of people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) (Gillberg, C., & Coleman, M. (1992). The Biology of Autistic Syndromes (2nd ed.). London: Mac Keith press.) However, much of the research is methodologically flawed and based on child populations and adults' retrospective accounts (O'Neill, M.C(More)
W e have recently embarked on a collaborative project to improve estimates of the global burden of injuries. This commentary invites individuals and organizations to contribute to building this global public good by providing the project access to relevant results from local injury data sources. Reliable estimates of the incidence and burden of injuries are(More)
A. Introduction This outline paper provides an overview of existing practice related to conducting human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) of trade agreements and addresses key methodological issues in conducting future assessments. It draws extensively upon previous published work by this author. 1 B. What is a Human Rights Impact Assessment? Impact(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantify segmental mobility of the lumbar spine during a posterior to anterior spinal mobilization procedure. DESIGN Descriptive study using dynamic magnetic resonance imaging. BACKGROUND The posterior to anterior spinal mobilization procedure is frequently used in the assessment and management of spinal dysfunction. How this procedure(More)
We present a draft genome sequence for enset (Ensete ventricosum) available via the Sequence Read Archive (accession number SRX202265) and GenBank (accession number AMZH01. Enset feeds 15 million people in Ethiopia, but is arguably the least studied African crop. Our sequence data suggest a genome size of approximately 547 megabases, similar to the(More)