James Halle

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One hallmark difficulty of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) centers on communication and speech. Research into computer visualizations of voice has been shown to influence conversational patterns and allow users to reflect upon their speech. In this paper, we present the Spoken Impact Project (SIP), an effort to examine the effect of audio and(More)
HCI studies assessing nonverbal individuals (especially those who do not communicate through traditional linguistic means: spoken, written, or sign) are a daunting undertaking. Without the use of directed tasks, interviews, questionnaires, or question-answer sessions, researchers must rely fully upon observation of behavior, and the categorization and(More)
Communication disorders occur across the lifespan and encompass a wide range of conditions that interfere with individuals' abilities to hear (e.g., hearing loss), speak (e.g., voice disorders; motor speech disorders), and/or use language (e.g., specific language impairment; aphasia) to meet their communication needs. Such disorders often compromise the(More)
Due to the profile of strengths and weaknesses indicative of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), technology may play a key role in ameliorating communication difficulties with this population. This paper documents coding guidelines established through cross-disciplinary work focused on facilitating communication development in children with ASD using(More)
Without speech, we can have great difficulty communicating wants, emotions, needs, and interacting with society at large. During typical child development, an infant acquires language skills without explicit teaching. However, some children, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have explicit difficulty developing these skills in the context(More)
Relationships among full constructs of the transtheoretical model using a sample of 121 adults with mild intellectual disabilities in Taiwan were examined. Self-reports of stages of change and transtheoretical model psychosocial measures were gathered through interviews. Although MANCOVA revealed that behavioral processes of change, cognitive processes of(More)
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