James H Stebbings

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The female radium dial workers have now experienced significant mortality from cancers other than the bone sarcomas and head carcinomas long known to be radium induced. The relationships of radium exposure to mortality from cancers of the stomach, pancreas, colon, rectum, liver, lung, breast, cervix, and corpus uteri, and from leukemia were studied in 1,285(More)
We conducted a melanoma case-control study at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to investigate whether related occupational exposures or personal characteristics of employees could be identified. This study was prompted by a recent report from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that melanoma was much more frequent than expected among employees and(More)
Pulmonary function test results on 224 parochial schoolchildren collected during and after the Pittsburgh air pollution episode of November 1975 were reanalyzed to determine whether a small subgroup of susceptible children could be defined. Individual regressions of three-quarter second forced expiratory volumes (FEV.75) and forced vital capacities (FVC) on(More)
Selected methods for the study of biologic time series are reviewed and their relative merits are discussed in the light of underlying assumptions. Their potential applications are exemplified in several fields of biology and medicine. The monitoring of environmental integrity, notably of pollution, is investigated. The need for specifying optimal sampling(More)
Current reviews have concluded that internal 226Ra appears not to give rise to leukemia in humans, a conclusion based on incidence in U.S. female radium dial workers. In fact, leukemias have occurred significantly early in female dial workers; males occupationally exposed to radium show an excess of leukemias; and the rare erythrocytic leukemias appear in(More)