James H. Rosing

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  • J Rosing, S Middeldorp, J Curvers, M Christella, L G Thomassen, G A Nicolaes +5 others
  • 1999
BACKGROUND We have reported previously that, compared with use of second-generation oral contraceptives, the use of third-generation oral contraceptives is associated with increased resistance to the anticoagulant action of activated protein C (APC). Owing to the cross-sectional design of that study, these observations may have been subject to unknown bias(More)
Coagulation factor V (FV) is a large plasma glycoprotein with functions in both the pro- and anticoagulant pathways. In carriers of the so-called R2-FV haplotype, the FV D2194G mutation, in the C2 membrane-binding domain, is associated with low expression levels, suggesting a potential folding/stability problem. To analyze the molecular mechanisms(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of rfVIIa in reducing blood product requirements and re-operation for postoperative bleeding after major abdominal surgery. BACKGROUND Hemorrhage is a significant complication after major gastrointestinal and abdominal surgery. Clinically significant bleeding can lead to shock,(More)
Soft tissue coverage of the exposed Achilles tendon is a unique reconstructive challenge. In this report, we describe the management of a large posterior leg wound with exposed Achilles tendon using a free anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap. A careful review of alternative reconstructive options is included, along with their respective advantages and(More)
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