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BACKGROUND Ventricular arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death late after repair of tetralogy of Fallot are devastating complications in adult survivors of early surgery, but their prediction remains difficult. METHODS We examined surgical, electrocardiographic, and late haemodynamic data, and their relation to clinical arrhythmia and sudden death occurring(More)
Expert and novice clinicians judged the likelihood of disease alternatives and gave thinking-aloud protocols as they evaluated simulated cases of congenital heart disease. Specific combinations of cues in the patient data were manipulated to create alternate versions of a single case so that the use of critical cues could be identified. Analyses of variance(More)
OBJECTIVE Comprehensive data are currently unavailable on the prevalence of cardiac abnormalities in children after the newborn/infant period. The present report describes the prevalence of echocardiographically detected cardiac disease in a cohort of randomly selected healthy junior high school children. METHODS The cohort for this report consists of 357(More)
1011 clusions can be used to calculate past moisture budgets (7, 10). Recent analyses of fluid inclusions in halite from Permian lakes have even shown that pH dropped below 1 partly as a result of aridity and low buffering capacity (11). Fluid inclusions may also provide information about water table elevation, lake level, or sea level. As minerals(More)
This paper describes a computational model developed for the diagnosis of multiple defects. If multiple defects interact, meaning that the cues observable for multiple defects are not a sum of the cues observable for the component defects, diagnosis is particularly difficult. We developed a description and classification of the ways cues change when defects(More)
BACKGROUND Prosthesis survival, growth, and functional status after initial mechanical mitral valve replacement (MVR) in children <5 years of age are poorly defined. METHODS AND RESULTS The experience of the Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium (45 centers, 1982 to 1999), which included 102 survivors after initial MVR, was analyzed. Median follow-up: 6.0(More)
More than 600,000 children in the United States have a congenital or acquired cardiac abnormality, and millions more are at risk of developing atherosclerotic disease in adulthood, a risk made particularly evident by the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in the young. There are barriers to optimum prevention and treatment of these conditions in(More)
After a visit by Herbert Simon to the University of Minnesota in 1972, Paul Johnson (then a professor of educational psychology at the Center for Research in Human Learning) and associated graduate students began applying information-processing concepts to the study of expertise and problem solving. This investigation was consistent with their view that(More)
Pulmonary vascular resistance normally falls or remains unchanged during exercise. Seven children with pulmonary hypertension were exercised during cardiac catheterisation after operative correction of ventricular septal defect (6) and truncus arteriosus (1). Except for the presence of moderate pulmonary hypertension, resting haemodynamics in these seven(More)