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—A novel data acquisition and imaging method is presented for stepped-frequency continuous-wave ground penetrating radars (SFCW GPRs). It is shown that if the target space is sparse, i.e., a small number of point like targets, it is enough to make measurements at only a small number of random frequencies to construct an image of the target space by solving(More)
The theory of compressive sensing (CS) enables the reconstruction of sparse signals from a small set of non-adaptive linear measurements by solving a convex ' 1 minimization problem. This paper presents a novel data acquisition system for wideband synthetic aperture imaging based on CS by exploiting sparseness of point-like targets in the image space.(More)
— We estimate a vehicle's speed, its wheelbase length, and tire track length by jointly estimating its acoustic wave pattern with a single passive acoustic sensor that records the vehicle's drive-by noise. The acoustic wave pattern is determined using the vehicle's speed, the Doppler shift factor, the sensor's distance to the vehicle's(More)
—In this paper, a multitarget tracking system for col-located video and acoustic sensors is presented. We formulate the tracking problem using a particle filter based on a state-space approach. We first discuss the acoustic state-space formulation whose observations use a sliding window of direction-of-arrival estimates. We then present the video state(More)
—A multistatic ground-penetrating radar (GPR) system has been developed and used to measure the response of a number of targets to produce data for the investigation of multi-static inversion algorithms. The system consists of a linear array of resistive-vee antennas, microwave switches, a vector network analyzer, and a 3-D positioner, all under computer(More)
Joint processing of sensor array outputs improves the performance of parameter estimation and hypothesis testing problems beyond the sum of the individual sensor processing results. When the sensors have high data sampling rates, arrays are tethered, creating a disadvantage for their deployment and also limiting their aperture size. In this paper, we(More)