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During a double-blind randomised clinical trial of cimetidine and ranitidine in the management of duodenal ulcer, the response of patients' peripheral blood lymphocytes to optimal mitogenic stimulation in vitro has been measured. Treatment with cimetidine, but not ranitidine, was associated with a significant increase in the proportion of peripheral blood(More)
"Drip breast milk" is that milk which spontaneously drips from the contralateral breask during the suckling of an infant. Biochemically and immunologically, pooled drip milk resembled pooled mature expressed breast milk, although it has a lower fat concentration. About 15% of lactating women are capable of producing drip milk; volumes produced are up to 188(More)
Tuberculin responses were quantified by induration of the skin, velocity of blood flow in dermal microcirculation and composition of the cellular infiltrate in 125 patients with tuberculosis and 39 healty controls. The diameters of the tuberculin responses were greater in HLA-DR15-positive patients than in DR15-negative patients. The density of infiltrating(More)
A method is described for non-invasive transcutaneous (tc) measurement of tissue respiratory gas tensions in the skin on the forearm for study of delayed hypersensitivity reactions in man. Steady state values for tcpO2 and tcpCO2 were measured, and the skin respiratory rate (oxygen consumption) and the tissue pH were estimated from the changes in tcpO2 and(More)
Intradermal injection of purified protein derivative produced typical delayed type hypersensitivity reactions in five healthy human subjects. The major subpopulations of lymphocytes and certain accessory cells were located in frozen sections of biopsies of the lesions with monoclonal antibodies and immunohistochemical staining. The densities (expressed as(More)
The density and distribution of T4 and T8 lymphocytes and of monocyte/macrophages at the site of skin tests with mycobacterial antigens was studied in pulmonary tuberculosis and leprosy patients and in healthy controls. Most of the inflammatory cells were located in perivascular and periappendicular foci in the dermis: the percentage of the dermis occupied(More)
The lymphocytes in the perivascular foci of tuberculin skin tests have a similar CD4:CD8 ratio to those in the peripheral blood, suggesting that these subsets do not show bias in their initial emigration. By contrast, the diffusely infiltrating lymphocytes show a relative preponderance of CD4 cells which is progressively greater in successive 250 micron(More)
The typical turgid Koch type and the non-turgid variant form (Listeria-type) of the tuberculin skin test responses were studied in 76 newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients and 29 apparently healthy factory worker controls from Surabaya in Indonesia; in general, the patients had more intense responses than the controls. The blood flow velocity(More)