James H. Dickerson

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The assessment of macrophage response to nanoparticles is a central component in the evaluation of new nanoparticle designs for future in vivo application. This work investigates which feature, nanoparticle size or charge, is more predictive of non-specific uptake of nanoparticles by macrophages. This was investigated by synthesizing a library of(More)
The phenomenon of negative remanent magnetization (NRM) has been observed experimentally in a number of heterogeneous magnetic systems and has been considered anomalous. The existence of NRM in homogenous magnetic materials is still in debate, mainly due to the lack of compelling support from experimental data and a convincing theoretical explanation for(More)
A method to modulate the local optical properties of porous silicon photonic crystals is reported. The porous silicon photonic crystals are fabricated by electrochemical etching in a hydrofluoric acid-based electrolyte. Local oxidation was performed using either a UV lamp or 532 nm laser to irradiate selective regions of the photonic crystal. The sample was(More)
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