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There are few examples in dynamical systems theory which lend themselves to exact computations of macroscopic variables of interest. One such variable is the transverse Lyapunov exponent which measures the average attraction of an invariant set. This article presents a family of noninvertible transformations of the plane for which such computations are(More)
Benford's law owes its discovery to the "Grubby Pages Hypothesis," a 19th century observation made by Simon Newcomb that the beginning pages of logarithm books were grubbier than the last few pages, implying that scientists referenced the values toward the front of the books more frequently. If a data set satisfies Benford's law, then it's significant(More)
Recent improvements in computing allow for the processing and analysis of very large datasets in a variety of fields. Often the analysis requires the creation of low-rank approximations to the datasets leading to efficient storage. This article presents and analyzes a novel approach for creating nonnegative, structured dictionaries using NMF applied to(More)
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