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The O2 diffusion constants D and K of tumor tissue (DS-Carcinosarcoma in the rat kidney) were determined at temperatures of 20, 30, 37, and 40 degrees C. The following mean values were obtained for the conditions of 37 degrees C: D = 1.75-10(-5) cm2/s and K = 1.9-10(-5) mlO2/cm-min-atm. Within the range of 20-40 degrees C, temperature variations in tumor(More)
BACKGROUND Current unitage for the calciferols suggests that equimolar quantities of vitamins D(2) (D2) and D(3) (D3) are biologically equivalent. Published studies yield mixed results. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to compare the potencies of D2 and D3. DESIGN The trial used a single-blind, randomized design in 33 healthy adults. Calciferols were(More)
Nitric oxide released in large amounts by inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)-containing pulmonary cells plays an important role in many aspects of lung function in health and disease. The aim of this study was to establish a permanent non tumor-derived alveolar epithelial cell line that exhibits the typical characteristics of an iNOS-expressing cell.(More)
We have previously shown that the pteridine compound neopterin stimulates inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro. The mechanisms whereby neopterin exhibits these effects remained unclear. The present study demonstrates that neopterin induces the translocation of the transcription factor nuclear(More)
The pteridine compounds neopterin and 7,8-dihydroneopterin serve as valuable indicators for the stimulation of the cellular immune system. Whether they exhibit distinct biochemical functions in the immunological process is at present under discussion. We show that neopterin, but not 7,8-dihydroneopterin, is a stimulus for iNOS gene expression in rat(More)