James Griffin

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This paper contrasts the performance of heterogeneous and shrinkage estimators versus the more traditional homogeneous panel data estimators. The analysis utilizes a panel data set from 21 French regions over the period 1973-1998 and a dynamic demand speci...cation to study the gasoline demand in France. Out-of-sample forecast performance as well as the(More)
Utilizing a panel data set of 42 states over the period 1959-1994, this paper estimates a rational addiction model for liquor consumption for the US. The empirical evidence is consistent with the rational addiction hypothesis proposed by Becker and Murphy. However, the results are sensitive to the assumption of homogeneity across states or over time.
[1] We integrate groundwater geochemistry, mineralogy, and numerical modeling techniques to study the reactive transport of heavy metals and isotopes in the Eutaw coastal plain aquifer, Alabama. Geochemical data show that the elevated concentrations of Fe, Mn, and Sr can be correlated with high pH and alkalinity. These geochemical correlations suggest that(More)
Ionospheric scintillation degrades GPS positioning accuracy in a number of ways. Along each scintillating satellite-receiver link, errors are introduced in the measurements of pseudorange and carrier phase. When the scintillation on a given link is sufficiently intense, the link becomes intermittently unavailable for use in the position solution. The loss(More)
1. Abstract We describe a technique to determine the temperature of a Resident Space Object (RSO) from multiple infrared (IR) bands. The characteristic temperature of an object is the temperature of the Planck function that has the closest least squares fit to the observed irradiance in at least three infrared bands. The characteristic temperature and the(More)
The analysis of many natural time series and especially those related to ice core records often suffers from uneven sampling intervals. For fractional Brownian motion, we show that standard estimates of the volatility can be strongly biased due to uneven sampling. Taking these limitations into account, we study high-resolution records of temperature proxies(More)
For small helical membrane proteins, their structures are highly sensitive to their environment, and solid state NMR is a structural technique that can characterize these membrane proteins in native-like lipid bilayers and proteoliposomes. To date, a systematic method by which to evaluate the effect of the solubilizing detergent on proteoliposome(More)