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The exponential growth of protein structural and sequence databases is enabling multifaceted approaches to understanding the long sought sequence-structure-function relationship. Advances in computation now make it possible to apply well-established data mining and pattern recognition techniques to these data to learn models that effectively relate(More)
In this investigation we used statistical methods to select genes with expression profiles that partition classes and subclasses of biological samples. Gene expression data corresponding to liver samples from rats treated for 24 h with an enzyme inducer (phenobarbital) or a peroxisome proliferator (clofibrate, gemfibrozil or Wyeth 14,643) were subjected to(More)
Colchicine, a natural product of Colchicum autumnae currently used for gout treatment, is a tubulin targeting compound which inhibits microtubule formation by targeting fast dividing cells. This tubulin-targeting property has lead researchers to investigate the potential of colchicine and analogs as possible cancer therapies. One major study conducted on an(More)
N-Glycosylation is a common post-translational modification that plays an important role in the proper folding and function of many proteins. This modification is largely dependent on the presence of a sequence motif called a “sequon” defined as Asn-Xxx-Ser/Thr. However, evidence has shown that the presence of such a “sequon” is insufficient to determine(More)
Listeners assign an age to a speaker based on their voice alone. The accuracy of estimates of speakers’ ages may not be a great as has been suggested. This experiment suggests that listeners may be better able to rank-order voices by perceived age, than providing perceived ages, per se. However, whether perceived age can act as a distracter for voice(More)
Behavioral profiling in digital games with persistent online worlds are vital for a variety of tasks ranging from understanding the player community to informing design and business decisions. In this paper behavioral profiles are developed for the online multiplayer shooter/role-playing game Destiny, the most expensive game to be launched to date and a(More)
The preparation of dibenzocycloheptyne-Co(2)(CO)(6) complexes by intramolecular Nicholas reactions of biaryl-2-propargyl alcohol-Co(2)(CO)(6) derivatives is described. Reductive decomplexation of the dibenzocycloheptyne-Co(2)(CO)(6) complexes affords the corresponding dibenzocycloheptenes, individual members of which have been employed in a formal total(More)
Sinapinic acid (3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic acid, SA) reacted with peroxynitrous acid at neutral pH with a second-order rate constant of 812 M(-1)s(-1), to yield a red product (lambda(max), 532 nm). The identical colored product could be formed with acidified decomposed peroxynitrous acid solutions or nitrite at slower rates (0.1M HCl, 8.32 M(-1)s(-1);(More)