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The findings and conclusions of this paper are not subject to detailed review and do not necessarily reflect the official views and policies of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. After printing your initial complimentary copy, please do not reproduce this paper in any form without permission of the authors. Contact the authors directly with all questions(More)
The paper will present results of the NETFRAME project (GRD1-2001-40435): " establishing a documented framework for on-line concurrent engineering and cooperation between large industrial auto and aeronautical companies and its suppliers ". Within the scope of the EU funded GROWTH-project a comprehensive set of methods and tools is developed to support the(More)
course of the study. Environmental managers, production engineers, financial analysts, and other staff from the case study firms were instrumental in providing data, documents, and interviews that comprise the foundation for this study. Our analysis would not have been possible without their willingness to devote substantial time and staff resources to the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t IT internal controls are an important component of an organization's arsenal of internal controls. Upon conceptualizing failures of operational IT systems, or what we call IT operational risk events, as signals of IT internal control weaknesses, we theorize about these events' impact on internal control objectives in(More)
Organizations are increasingly turning to outsourcing for software development, in part, to control cost and lower the likelihood of project failure. However, application outsourcing is not without risk. Milestones coupled with gateway reviews are a common mechanism for controlling these risks. Yet, the benefit of milestones must be assessed in light of(More)
BACKGROUND Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is an effective option for treatment-resistant depression but requires prolonged repeated daily treatments for 4 to 6 weeks. Pilot studies have showed the possibility of accelerating rTMS safely and efficaciously but thus far only investigated high-frequency left-sided rTMS. We sought to(More)
MIT's sesquicentennial afforded new opportunities for the MIT Alumni Association to connect alumni to the Institute and to one another. The Association took on the challenge of hosting 150 events during the 150 days of celebration and met that goal. New connections were made—29 of the events were in areas without an established group. In June, Tech Reunions(More)
The Multispecialty Occupational Health Group, as part of their work, have considered likely characteristics of the neurointerventional surgery operating room of tomorrow. Such rooms will be distinguished by certain architectural features and markedly increased information technology features. The novel architectural features will include system proximities,(More)