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To examine the natural history and pathogenesis of parkinsonism in Alzheimer's disease, 44 subjects with clearly established senile dementia of the Alzheimer type were studied during a 66-month period. Sixteen subjects (36%) developed idiopathic parkinsonism, and 12 subjects (27%) developed drug-induced parkinsonism; the chief clinical features of both(More)
Seventy-one athletes with 74 stress injuries to the femur were studied using a case-controlled design. Forty-three were females (26.6 yrs) and 28 were males (31.2 yrs). Each patient had exercise-induced pain in the hip, groin or thigh and a Tec-99m-MDP bone scan showing focal uptake of radionuclide in the femur. Running was the most common activity at the(More)
SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS Diagnosis of mediastinal/hilar lymph nodes and peribronchial masses Conventional transbronchial fine needle aspiration (TBNA) B < Conventional transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) is a safe technique and should be used to sample mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy during initial diagnostic bronchoscopy where a pre-procedure(More)
A controlled trial has been carried out in 50 patients undergoing elective colonic surgery to assess the efficacy of prophylactic oral metronidazole specifically directed against anaerobic colonic microflora in combination with kanamycin to reduce the aerobic flora. A control group received dietary and mechanical preparation alone. A significant reduction(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes a pilot project to develop and implement a low-cost system for ongoing surveillance of childhood asthma in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. METHODS The authors organized a planning workshop to solicit information and ideas for an asthma surveillance system, bringing together national experts with Milwaukee professionals and(More)
This new guideline covers the rapidly advancing field of interventional bronchoscopy using flexible bronchoscopy. It includes the use of more complex diagnostic procedures such as endobronchial ultrasound, interventions for the relief of central airway obstruction due to malignancy and the recent development of endobronchial therapies for chronic(More)