James Gillett

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This study examines the meanings that individuals with HIV attach to their use of complementary therapies. A qualitative analysis of 66 interviews completed between 1993 and 1998 showed that complementary therapies represent different things for these individuals--a health maintenance strategy, a healing strategy, an alternative to Western medicine, a way(More)
ANYONE who has handled the blood-sucking bugs, Triatoma or Rhodnius, must have observed that they are often attracted to the sides of their jars at places where these have been wanned by recent handling, and that they will probe such spots vigorously with the proboscis. This behaviour suggests that they are attracted to their host mainly by warmth—a belief(More)
This paper seeks to understand better the media practices of people who are directly affected by an illness or health problem. Internet sites that have been created by people with HIV/AIDS are examined as a strategy for self-representation. This analysis identifies four prominent 'organising themes' in Internet sites: autobiography; expertise; self(More)