James Gibbons

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The water relations of two tree species in the Euphorbiaceae werecompared to test in part a hypothesis that the forest understorey plays anintegral role in drought response. At Danum, Sabah, the relatively commonspecies Dimorphocalyx muricatus is associated with ridgeswhilst another species, Mallotus wrayi, occurs widely bothon ridges and lower slopes. Sets(More)
a Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of Azores, Cais de Santa Cruz 9901-862 Horta, Portugal b School of the Environment, Natural Resources & Geography, Bangor University, Gwynedd LL57 2UW, United Kingdom c Department of Agrarian Sciences, University of Azores, Terra Chã 9701-851 Angra do Heroismo, Portugal d School of Ocean Science, Bangor(More)
Pollution from agriculture has environmental consequences at local and global scales. Managing this pollution is challenging because of diffuse sources and complex relationships between aquatic and atmospheric emissions. We illustrate this for a UK county that has suffered outbreaks of microbial pollution and eutrophication. We surveyed 49 livestock farms(More)
Altering root morphology of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars could improve yields in drought-prone upland ecosystems. Marker-assisted backcross breeding was used to introgress four QTLs for root traits into an upland rice cultivar. The QTLs had previously been identified under experimental conditions in a different genetic background. The introgressed lines(More)
Who Harvests and Why? Characteristics of Guatemalan Households Harvesting Xaté (Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti). Cultivation of harvested species is frequently proposed as a conservation strategy to reduce wild harvesting pressure and improve local livelihoods. The success of this approach is likely to be influenced by harvesters’ socioeconomic(More)
International agreements and policies play an increasingly prominent role in strategies to combat biodiversity loss. However, conservation policies can only have a conservation impact if implemented. Identifying factors determining the influence of a policy on institutions could improve the process of policy development and communication. We examine how and(More)
This paper presents a linear programming model designed to evaluate the impact of changes in milk to milk-quotaleasing price ratios, nitrogen fertiliser and concentrate prices on the pro®tability of a technically ecient UK dairy farm. The model incorporates energy and protein requirements of cows of di€erent yield levels and allows substitution between(More)
3 Arrigo, K.R. et al. (1998) Primary production in Southern Ocean waters. J. Geophys. Res. 103, 15587–15600 4 Karnovsky, N. et al. (2007) The impact and importance of production in polynyas to top-trophic predators: three case histories. In Polynyas (Smith, W.O., Jr,, and Barber, D.G., eds), pp. 391–410, Elsevier 5 Smith, W.O., Jr and Nelson, D.M. (1985)(More)
Botanic gardens often highlight public education as a priority. Increasing knowledge about biodiversity conservation is a frequently stated aim of environmental education. This is often based on the assumption that increasing knowledge may generate positive environmental attitudes. We investigate the relationship between knowledge and environmental(More)