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We investigated plant ecophysiological response to fertilization of selected sites along an elevation gradient in a pinyon-juniper woodland. Plant density and species composition followed typical patterns for pinyon-juniper woodlands over this gradient, with a sparse juniper (Juniperus monosperma (Engelm.) Sarg.)-grassland community at the lowest elevation(More)
This article describes a new hermetic optoelectronics package, the Si-Paktrade optical pod. This platform technology leverages conventional silicon optical bench (SiOB) into a compact, thermally-conductive, hermetic optoelectronics package. The package offers all the features of traditional SiOB, namely reliable RF performance, efficient optical coupling,(More)
Lately P2P application routing got interest and finding better routing and increasing performance and security is real challenge these days. Mostly research use overlay routing even using interconnection network design dynamically. Goal is to route a message to a destination whose IP address is not known which eliminates the need for large routing tables.(More)
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