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We have investigated whether interleukin 3 (IL-3) supports the growth of cells of different lineages by the same mechanism(s). The experiments were carried out with Ea3 cells, a mouse pre-B cell line, and S-480-3 cells, a mouse basophil cell line, both of which are totally IL-3 dependent. We found that Ea3 lymphocytes but not S-480-3 basophils absorb(More)
Oncogenic p21ras proteins can only exert their stimulation of cellular proliferation when plasma membrane-associated. This membrane association has an absolute requirement for post-translational modification with isoprenoids. The mechanism by which isoprenoids participate in the specific association of p21ras with plasma membranes is the subject of this(More)
The maturation of lamin A is completed by the endoproteolytic cleavage of its farnesylated precursor protein, prelamin A. In the absence of this cleavage, prelamin A can neither give rise to lamin A nor assemble into the nuclear lamina. We call the enzyme which catalyzes this endoproteolytic step the 'prelamin A endoprotease'. In this study, we begin(More)
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are one of the most successful deep machine learning technologies for processing image, voice and video data. CNNs require large amounts of processing capacity and memory, which can exceed the resources of low power mobile and embedded systems. Several designs for hardware accelerators have been proposed for CNNs which(More)
Apoptosis in murine haematopoietic interleukin (IL)3-dependent cell lines is induced within 6-8 h by IL-3 withdrawal. Direct introduction of cytochrome c by electroporation induces apoptosis within 2 h and was inhibited by caspase inhibitors, such as Z-VADfmk and Z-Dfmk. We report here that apoptosis induced by IL-3 withdrawal was refractory to these(More)
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