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The ERalpha signaling pathway is one of the most important and most studied pathways in human breast cancer, yet numerous questions still exist such as how hormonally responsive cancers progress to a more aggressive and hormonally independent phenotype. We have noted that human breast cancers exhibit a strong direct correlation between ERalpha and(More)
Product Data Management (PDM) systems and their offspring, Collaborative Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management technologies, aim to bring engineering enterprises together, allowing seamless intero-perability between different departments and throughout the extended enterprises. However, there are a number of shortcomings in the current crop(More)
This paper describes an approach for reusing engineering design knowledge. Many previous design knowledge reuse systems focus exclusively on geometrical data, which is often not applicable in early design stages. The proposed methodology provides an integrated design knowledge reuse framework, bringing together elements of best practice reuse, design(More)
This paper examines the literature relating to manufacturing knowledge and describes how it contributes to the manufacturing enterprise. The review shows that there is a strong emphasis on design in the manufacturing knowledge research domain, and that detailed design is the main focus for current research. An analysis is carried out according to(More)
Because of the low frequency of antigen-specific T cells, early events in the activation of tumor-specific T cells in vivo have not been well characterized. There is still no direct documentation on where the clonal expansion begins and how tumor antigens are presented to the host CD8 T cells to initiate it. Here we used transgenic T cells specific for a(More)
This paper presents a framework for knowledge reuse in a Product-Service Systems design scenario. The project aim is to develop a methodology to capture, represent and reuse knowledge to support product development in a collaborative enterprise context. The three core elements are: design knowledge, manufacturing capability knowledge, and service knowledge.(More)