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The ubiquitous eps15 protein was initially described as a substrate of the EGF receptor kinase. Its functions are not yet delineated and this work provides evidence for its possible role in endocytosis. A novel anti-eps15 antibody, 6G4, coimmunoprecipitated proteins of molecular mass 102 kD. In human cells, these proteins were identified as the alpha- and(More)
Mdm2 is required to negatively regulate p53 activity at the peri-implantation stage of early mouse development. However, the absolute requirement for Mdm2 throughout embryogenesis and in organogenesis is unknown. To explore Mdm2-p53 signaling in osteogenesis, Mdm2-conditional mice were bred with Col3.6-Cre-transgenic mice that express Cre recombinase in(More)
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