James Gaertner

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Sediment, water, and fish gut samples taken at three sites near the headwaters of the San Marcos River, Texas, were analyzed for salmonellae Salmonella spp. by culture and molecular techniques. While enrichment cultures from sediment and water samples from the two uppermost sites were negative for salmonellae in polymerase chain reaction analyses, both(More)
In this pediatric case of vanishing white matter disease with early onset, rapidly progressive course, and fatal outcome, the white matter vanishing process in patient was for the first time documented morphologically in detail: An initial magnetic resonance imaging documented a normal appearing brain maturation. Rapid progressive brain lesions initiated(More)
1. Prevention of water intoxication depends on early intervention for polydipsic patients who seem to be retaining fluid. The Target Weight Procedure is designed to detect early signs of fluid retention by means of weight gain and low sodium levels. 2. The use of this protocol, in addition to successfully decreasing the number of acute water intoxication(More)
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