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The natural environment is composed of various potentially hostile stressors. It is a basic requirement of life that the cells of an organism must be maintained within closely defined physiological limits. The maintenance of a constant interior mileu results from physiological and behavioural homeostatic adaptations. The physiological regulation of(More)
Mobile phone use is banned or illegal under certain circumstances and in some jurisdictions. Nevertheless, some people still use their mobile phones despite recognized safety concerns, legislation, and informal bans. Drawing potential predictors from the addiction literature, this study sought to predict usage and, specifically, problematic mobile phone use(More)
Activity of the supplementary motor area may be inferred from movement-related potentials (MRPs) which are associated with the preparation and execution of voluntary, or internally determined movements. Supplementary motor area activity may be abnormal in Parkinson's disease since its major input from the basal ganglia is disrupted. Investigation of the(More)
An analysis of computer screen cursor trajectories can provide insights into the factors limiting efficient cursor positioning and can assist in the design of human-computer interfaces. Cursor locations as controlled by a Microsoft computer mouse with standard settings were therefore sampled at 5 ms intervals and kinematic analyses addressed the proportions(More)
Patients with left unilateral neglect and matched controls were tested in two experiments to examine the effects of lateralized cues on line bisection judgements. Unlike previous studies in which letter or number cues were placed beyond the endpoint(s) of each line, we adopted a procedure which maintained the perceptual point of balance in the horizontal(More)
Twelve patients with left unilateral neglect and 12 matched controls were examined on two tests of face perception. In the chimeric faces task, subjects were required to make a judgement of happiness on pairs of photographic chimeras, while in the face-matching task, they were required to indicate which of two symmetrical face composites more closely(More)
Despite its uses, the Internet is liable to be abused. &&Internet Addiction'' is a newly proposed construct, derived form DSM-IV criteria for substance abuse. As a very recent phenomenon, excess internet use probably arises through pre-existing mechanisms. The addictive element may be the search for stimulation through interactive services, or the Internet(More)