James G O'Brien

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This experiment tested the effects of reinforcing obese children lo be more active or less sedentary in their choice of active versus sedentary behaviors. On days I and 5, there were no contingencies for sedentary or active behaviors. During days 2 through 4, children in the Activity group were reinforced for being more active, and they significantly(More)
The potential interaction between lithium and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors was investigated in a retrospective, longitudinal, case-control study of 20 hypertensive patients previously stabilized on lithium therapy. The objective of the study was to determine the impact of ACE inhibition on steady-state lithium concentrations and to(More)
Psychosis may pose a greater challenge than cognitive decline for patients with dementia and their caregivers. The nature and frequency of psychotic symptoms varies over the course of illness, but in most patients, these symptoms occur more often in the later stages of disease. Management of psychosis requires a comprehensive nonpharmacologic and(More)
We present a conformal gravity fit to the 20 largest of a sample of 110 spiral galaxies. We identify the presence of a universal quadratic potential V(κ)(r)=-κc²r²/2 with κ=9.54×10⁻⁵⁴ cm⁻² induced by cosmic inhomogeneities. When V(κ)(r) is taken in conjunction with both a universal linear potential V(γ₀)(r)=γ₀c²r/2 with γ₀=3.06×10⁻³⁰ cm⁻¹ generated by the(More)
delirium might be an exceptionally good marker for comorbid diseases. In fact, in the bivarite analysis only the CIRS-G was associated with mortality. Previous studies have shown that there is evidence for a disease spectrum between delirium and SSD, but our study fails to show this spectrum. Our population study is considerably older and shows a higher(More)
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