James G O'Brien

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Infantile colic can be distressing to parents whose infant is inconsolable during crying episodes. Colic is often defined by the "rule of three": crying for more than three hours per day, for more than three days per week, and for longer than three weeks in an infant who is well-fed and otherwise healthy. The physician's role is to ensure that there is no(More)
It is estimated that between 1.5 and 2 million older adults experience abuse or neglect each year in the United States. Elder mistreatment may be physical, psychological, or financial, and it may be perpetrated by family members or by other informal or formal caregivers. Physicians are encouraged to play an active role in assessment, intervention, and(More)
BACKGROUND there is little consistent data on patterns of reporting of elder abuse in Europe. Between 2002 and 2007, the Irish Health Service Executive developed dedicated structures and staff to support the prevention, detection and management of elder abuse without mandatory reporting. Public awareness campaigns, staff training and management briefings(More)
We present a conformal gravity fit to the 20 largest of a sample of 110 spiral galaxies. We identify the presence of a universal quadratic potential V(κ)(r)=-κc²r²/2 with κ=9.54×10⁻⁵⁴ cm⁻² induced by cosmic inhomogeneities. When V(κ)(r) is taken in conjunction with both a universal linear potential V(γ₀)(r)=γ₀c²r/2 with γ₀=3.06×10⁻³⁰ cm⁻¹ generated by the(More)
Edema is the result of an imbalance in the filtration system between the capillary and interstitial spaces. The kidneys play a key role in regulating extracellular fluid volume by adjusting sodium and water excretion. Major causes of edema include venous obstruction, increased capillary permeability, and increased plasma volume secondary to sodium and water(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the effects of the Eden Alternative (EA), a systematic introduction of pets, plants, and children into a nursing home, on the quality of life of nursing home residents. METHODS Two nursing homes run by the same organization participated. The study site began implementing the EA in November 1998. The control site continued(More)
Twenty-five years of involvement with elder abuse and neglect has yielded mixed results. The contribution by physicians to elder abuse, in contrast with child abuse, has been very limited. Physicians, despite being in an advantaged position to intervene, lag behind other professionals in reporting. Potential remedies include identification of abuse as a(More)