James G. Maloney

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Description: The most up–to–date, comprehensive treatment of classical and modern antennas and their related technologies Modern Antenna Handbook represents the most current and complete thinking in the field of antennas. The handbook is edited by one of the most recognizable, prominent, and prolific authors, educators, and researchers on antennas and(More)
All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements The time I have spent at Caltech has been one of scientific and personal development. This thesis owes much to a large number of people that have been influential these past years. First, I would like to thank my advisor, Sean Carroll. Sean, I thank you for your guidance, support, and encouragement. Thank you for the(More)
Application of electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) superstrates with controllable defects for a class of patch antennas as spatial angular filters, ABSTRACT: The problem of an arbitrarily located electric line source radiating in the presence of a metamaterial-coated cylinder is solved analytically and implemented numerically. Electrically small resonant(More)
We present a general overview of the role of computer models in the design and optimization of commercial optical transmission systems. Specifically, we discuss (1) the role of modeling in a commercial setting, (2) achieving the proper balance between accuracy and computation speed, (3) model verification against experiment, and (4) case studies(More)
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