James G. Jones

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OBJECTIVE This study was designed to test the influence of gender, type of abuse, and other factors on the development of psychopathology in abused children. METHOD Forty-one children who had been abused repeatedly either physically or sexually by a parent or parent figure were given the revised Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents. RESULTS(More)
This paper describes an experiment which examined the effects of anxiety on choice reaction time and movement time. A balanced repeated measures design was adopted in which eight female subjects performed a six-choice visual reaction task in 'no anxiety' and 'anxiety' conditions. The anxiety condition required subjects to jump from a balcony 15 feet (4.57(More)
This study examined the relationship between multidimensional competitive state anxiety and cognitive (i.e. digit span) and motor (i.e. perceptuo-motor speed) subcomponents of performance in an experimental group of hockey players during the period leading up to an important hockey match, and also in a control group of hockey players before a routine(More)
The assessment of nonword repetition in children goes back at least to 1974, when the Goldman–Fristoe–Woodcock Auditory Skills Battery was published, including a subtest (Sound Mimicry) assessing nonword repetition (Goldman, Fristoe, & Woodcock, 1974). Nevertheless, it was not until 20 years later, when Gathercole and Baddeley (1990) reported a study of(More)
The paper presents first year (baseline) research into using a 3D on-line learning environment for teaching Computers in Education, a course at the University of North Texas for pre-service teachers (students who are training to become teachers). The study looked at nine sections of the course during the fall semester of 2003. Three of the sections used the(More)
Fifty-one male and two female patients were divided into the following three groups: (a) patients with symptomatic carotid artery disease who received carotid endarterectomies, (b) patients with symptomatic carotid artery disease who either declined or were not candidates for carotid endarterectomies, and (c) patients who received a surgical procedure(More)
This paper presents Radix 95 n , a binary to text data conversion algorithm. Radix 95 n (base 95) is a variable length encoding scheme that offers slightly better efficiency than is available with conventional fixed-length encoding procedures. Radix 95 n advances previous techniques by allowing a greater pool of 7-bit combinations to be made available for(More)
3D online learning environments, which are an extension of modern massively multiplayer online game concepts with additional collaborative tools integrated into the client for use in education, can be configured such that it provides a low-cost entry into the technology for programs and departments and have impact almost immediately to enhance traditional(More)