James G Docherty

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BACKGROUND Ileocolic anastomoses are commonly performed for right-sided colon cancer and Crohn's disease. The anastomosis may be constructed using a linear cutter stapler or by suturing. Individual trials comparing stapled versus handsewn ileocolic anastomoses have found little difference in the complication rate but they have lacked adequate power to(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors compared both the initial and the long-term outcomes of patients undergoing stapled and sutured colorectal anastomoses. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Sutured and stapled large bowel anastomoses are perceived to be equally safe, but concern has been raised about increased rates of tumor recurrence with the use of stapling instruments. (More)
This article reviews the management and mortality of 53 neonates with meconium ileus and cystic fibrosis treated in one paediatric surgical centre from 1972 to 1990. Forty-four patients (83 per cent) presented with simple meconium ileus and 26 of 40 patients in this group were successfully treated with Gastrografin enemas. Four patients suffered a(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a case of IEA false aneurysm following a mesh repair of a large incisional hernia. We emphasize the importance to consider the diagnosis to help avoid inappropriate interventions which could increase patient morbidity. CASE REPORT A 68-year-old male patient, who 4 weeks previously had had a mesh repair of a large incisional hernia,(More)
Local application of growth factors promote wound healing and may find clinical application for use in high-risk intestinal anastomoses such as that following anterior resection. Since viable tumour cells are present in the bowel lumen and circulation after curative colorectal cancer surgery, it is unclear what effect such factors may have on tumour(More)
Rectus sheath haematoma has been well documented with over 500 cases reported. The main interest is in their ability to mimic severe intra-abdominal pathology with a resultant low rate of pre-operative diagnosis. We report a case of a bilateral rectus sheath haematoma complicating severe alcoholic liver disease and review the modes of diagnosis and(More)
Implantation of exfoliated tumour cells can give rise to local recurrence of colorectal cancer and it has been recommended that the bowel lumen be lavaged with a tumoricidal agent. This study identified which tumoricidal agents are currently used in Scotland and investigated their efficacy in vitro and in vivo. Cytotoxic efficacy was tested in vitro by a(More)