James G. Adams

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Structural analysis of a new variant hemoglobin revealed tryptic peptides with the amino acid composition of normal delta-globin, except for two internal peptides, which had the compositions of normal beta-globin. The most likely explanation for these findings is that a double, nonhomologous crossover between the delta-and beta-globin genes had occurred.
We read with interest the article by Linder, Schnipper, and Middleton comparing dictation , free-text typing, and structured data entry to quality outcomes. 1 The authors conclude that using dictation appeared to provide a lower quality of care, but that conclusion seems unsupported by the reported results. Most importantly, the authors themselves note that(More)
The authors make a revision of literature on neurochemistry data, up to now found Parkinson's. They study the concentrations alteration of dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, noradrenalin, enzymes, neuroaminic acid, metals and amynoacids, concluding on the possible existence of a neurochemistry defect more generalized in the forementioned condition.
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