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provides an international forum for discussion of a broad range of issues pertaining to death investigation. This year we have much to discuss and a wonderful host city to enjoy. Charlotte is a city where cosmopolitan character meets southern comforts. Our meeting will feature presentations and posters that cover a broad range of topics. There will be(More)
Boosting Higgs pair production in the b ¯ bb ¯ b final state with multivariate techniques Abstract The measurement of Higgs pair production will be a cornerstone of the LHC program in the coming years. Double Higgs production provides a crucial window upon the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking and has a unique sensitivity to the Higgs trilinear(More)
The philosophy and concept of the use of teams in organizations has expanded ascyberspace is now a reality (both practical and affordable). This expansion is expanding to decision making involving individuals at remote locations, not necessarily at the same locatlonhoom The potential of mcludmg multiple viewpoints, concerns, experiences and interests can(More)
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