James Frith

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Chronic liver disease is accompanied by a number of circulatory changes including impairment of cardiovascular autonomic reflexes. This occurs irrespective of the aetiology of liver disease, increases in prevalence and severity with worsening hepatic function, and is related at least in part to an autonomic neuropathy. Parasympathetic abnormalities(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia) among patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (PSS) and the relationships between dysautonomia and other clinical features of PSS. METHODS Multicentre, prospective, cross-sectional study of a UK cohort of 317 patients with clinically well-characterised PSS. Symptoms of(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore potential mechanisms that underpin the cardiac abnormalities seen in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) using non-invasive cardiac impedance, red cell mass and plasma volume measurements. METHODS Cardiac MR (MR) examinations were performed using 3 T Philips Intera Achieva scanner (Best, NL) in participants with CFS (Fukuda; n=47) and(More)
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