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The face and associated cranial, oral and dental structures are among the most complicated areas of the body, contributing to an array of common orofacial disorders that include temporomandibular disorders (TMD), orofacial pain disorders and orofacial sleep disorders. This paper presents a broad, inclusive approach to diagnosis and management of TMD that(More)
Chronic pain conditions are the top reason patients seek care, the most common reason for disability and addiction, and the biggest driver of healthcare costs; their treatment costs more than cancer, heart disease, dementia, and diabetes care. The personal impact in terms of suffering, disability, depression, suicide, and other problems is incalculable.(More)
Greetings: We have much to be grateful for this year. The big news is that Dean Assael awarded the University of Minne-sota TMD and Orofacial Pain Division a new tenure-track/tenure position. This faculty position offers us a fantastic opportunity to complement and expand our current clinical and research focuses. We hope to have someone in this position by(More)
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