James Franke

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We report on a bottom-up approach of the selective and precise growth of subnanometer wide straight and chevron-type armchair nanoribbons (GNRs) on a stepped Au(788) surface using different specific molecular precursors. This process creates spatially well-aligned GNRs, as characterized by STM. High-resolution direct and inverse photoemission spectroscopy(More)
A record is an entry in a time series that is larger or smaller than all previous entries. If the time series consists of independent, identically distributed random variables with a superimposed linear trend, record events are positively (negatively) correlated when the tail of the distribution is heavier (lighter) than exponential. Here we use these(More)
In this thesis, I carried out a simulation study to characterize the measurement of bottom quark flow in relativistic Pb+Pb collisions using the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment. The Hydjet event generator is used to produce sample collision events at four centrality values between 0 and 12 fm. These events are processed using the simulation, digitization,(More)
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