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A treatment containing a live food-grade organism, Lactococcus lactis DPC3147, was compared with conventional antibiotic therapy for its potential to treat bovine chronic subclinical or clinical(More)
A preparation of the bacteriocin lacticin 3147 (prepared from a demineralized whey protein fermentation liquor) was combined as a powder with a bismuth-based intramammary teat seal and evaluated for(More)
The innate immune response of milk somatic cells in cows to Streptococcus dysgalactiae ssp. dysgalactiae was investigated by deliberate intramammary challenge. Cows were challenged with 2,500(More)
Mastitis is one of the most costly diseases to the dairy farming industry. Conventional antibiotic therapy is often unsatisfactory for successful treatment of mastitis and alternative treatments are(More)