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The process of converting clinical information into a research database is complex. Following assemblage of a team including clinicians and researchers (supplemented by statisticians and informatics personnel as needed) a three-phase, eight-step process may be followed for clinical information conversion and database generation. The amount, type, and(More)
  • James A Fain
  • 2009
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that can cause serious long-term complications when blood sugars are not well controlled. Damage to small microscopic blood vessels in the kidney that filter out waste products from the blood can eventually cause kidney disease. Over time, the kidneys become overworked and start to leak. Because the kidneys are good at(More)
BACKGROUND Self-management of heart failure relies on patients to assess their symptoms, but their ability to do so is often difficult to determine. The 12-item self-report Heart Failure Somatic Awareness Scale (HFSAS) was developed to measure awareness of and distress secondary to heart failure symptoms. The purpose of this study was to test the(More)
AIMS Despite the known benefits, 60% of individuals with diabetes do not engage in regular physical activity (PA). This pilot study tested the effects of a counseling intervention using continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) feedback on PA self-efficacy, PA levels, and physiological variables. METHODS Adults (N=52) with type 2 diabetes (non-insulin(More)
A mixed-method study was conducted to determine whether nurses' participation in a reflective practice continuing education program using a structured reflection model makes a difference in nurses' self-reflection, insight, and reflective thinking about clinical practice situations. Findings suggested that use of structured reflection using question cues,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to summarize the accumulated state of knowledge in the area of diabetes patient education research and highlight important issues that research has left unanswered. METHODS An integrative literature review was conducted on the topic of diabetes patient education between the years 1985 and 1998. Keywords used in the(More)
An abstract presents a brief summary of the content of a paper within the length allowed by a given journal. The problem under investigation is stated in one sentence (usually in the form of a purpose statement); pertinent sample characteristics are described (e.g., number of subjects, age, gender); the methodology is specified, including data collection(More)