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Microbial Endophytes
The fungal community : its organization and role in the ecosystem
Fungal Activity as Determined by Microscale Methods with Special Emphasis on Interactions with Heavy Metals, K.F. White, Jr., and P. Oudemans. Expand
Improved histochemical techniques for the detection of Acremonium coenophialum in tall fescue and methods of in vitro culture of the fungus
This procedure gives a reliable estimate of the percentage of tall fescue seed infected with A. coenophialum, where it grows in association with the aleurone layer. Expand
A new kind of mutualism between fungi and insects
It is observed spiralling patterns of perithecial development on fungal surfaces, signifying the behaviour of the fly results in cross fertilization of the fungus, the first documentation of active fertilization in an insect-fungus mutualism. Expand
Endophyte-host associations in forage grasses. XI: A proposal concerning origin and evolution
It is evident that coevolution has occurred between Epichloe spp. Expand
Endophyte-Mediated Suppression of Dollar Spot Disease in Fine Fescues.
In five field trials established between 1985 and 1991, endophyte-infected Chewings, hard, blue, and strong creeping red fescue cultivars, selections, and crosses consistently exhibited endophytes-mediated suppression of dollar spot, when compared with closely related endophyne-free entries. Expand
Evidence supporting the occurrence of a new species of endophyte in some South American grasses
A phylogenetic species concept is suggested to define species of Neotyphodium which includes endophytes found in multiple grass species, believed responsible for causing the 'tembladera' or 'huecu' toxicosis in animals. Expand
Features and phylogenetic status of an enigmatic clavicipitalean fungus Neoclaviceps monostipa gen. et sp. nov.
Phylogenetic analysis of the 26S large subunit rDNA suggests that Neoclaviceps monostipa along with genus Myriogenospora are evolution- arily intermediate between Claviceps and Balansia. Expand
Biotechnology of Endophytic Fungi of Grasses
The text looks at the response of endophyte-infected grasses and grasslands to increased atmospheric CO2 and radiation, and provides techniques and procedures for studying endophytes. Expand