James F. Walsh

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Preliminary results from the development of Rational Rose, a large (> 100 KLOC) program written in C++, suggest that high product quality can be achieved during a telescoped development schedule through the use of an iterative-development methodology. Data on defect density and discovery rate gathered on one phase of Rose development implies a low error(More)
Adult female Simulium yahense were identified amongst catches of S. damnosum s. 1. caught at Tsatsadu Falls and Wegbe in south-eastern Ghana. Dissections of stained flies to assess the species' role as a vector of onchocerciasis in the region revealed as many as 357 L3 per 1000 biting flies in a sample from Wegbe. When the data from the two sites were(More)
The relationship between intelligence and creativity and their factorial structure have been extensively discussed, with little empirical evidence and less agreement as to the meaning. A study of 117 pairs of like sexed fraternal and identical twins was undertaken, with each twin participating in an extensive battery of creativity tests.A factor analysis(More)
The history and structure of the WHO Onchocerciasis Control Programme in the Volta River Basin are described. An outline of the vector control operations is given, and the techniques and organisation of the entomological evaluation network are described in detail. During the course of the evaluation and related studies undertaken between November 1974 and(More)
The position of a retained root for preservation of a ridge requires modification of the design of a distal-extension removable partial denture on the side of the retained root. A model with silicone rubber over the ridges and simulated retained roots was fabricated. A framework with mesial rests, distal proximal plates, and I-bar clasp arms was fitted to(More)
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