James F. Power

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Software tools are fundamental to the comprehension, analysis, testing and debugging of application systems. A necessary first step in the development of many tools is the construction of a parser frontend that can recognize the implementation language of the system under development. In this paper, we describe our use of token decoration to facilitate(More)
We present a structured reformulation of the seminal algorithm for automatic generation of test cases for a context-free grammar. Our reformulation simplifies the algorithm in several ways. First, we provide a structured reformulation so that it is obvious where to proceed at each step. Second, we partition the intricate third phase into five functions, so(More)
Software quality is an important external software attribute that is difficult to measure objectively. Several studies have identified a clear empirical relationship between static coupling metrics and software quality. However due to the nature of object-oriented programs, static metrics fail to quantify all the underlying dimensions of coupling, as(More)
In this paper we present a platform independent analysis of the dynamic profiles of Java programs when executing on the Java Virtual Machine. The Java programs selected are taken from the Java Grande Forum benchmark suite, and five different Java-to-bytecode compilers are analysed. The results presented describe the dynamic instruction usage frequencies, as(More)