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In this paper we present an investigation into the run-time behaviour of objects in Java programs, using specially adapted coupling metrics. We identify objects from the same class that exhibit non-uniform coupling behaviour when measured dynamically.We define a number of object level run-time metrics, based on the static Chidamber and Kemerer coupling(More)
Quantification ofnutrient andmass loss during composting isneeded ωunderstand the composting process, to implement methods for nutrient conservation, andto reduce potential adverse environmental impact. Beef cattle feedlot manure was composted in a windrow on an open concrete area in 1992, 1993, and 1994 to determine the amounts ofnutrient, C, and mass loss(More)
An infrastructure is a set of interconnected structural elements , such as tools and schemas, that provide a framework for supporting an entire structure. The reverse engineering community has recognized the importance of in-teroperability, the cooporation of two or more systems to enable the exchange and utilization of data, and has noted that the current(More)
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard notation that can be used to model object oriented software systems. With the growing adoption of UML by the software development industry and academia, researchers have begun to investigate how it can be used in the testing phase of the software development process. Several approaches to software testing(More)
Software quality is an important external software attribute that is difficult to measure objectively. Several studies have identified a clear empirical relationship between static coupling metrics and software quality. However due to the nature of object-oriented programs, static metrics fail to quantify all the underlying dimensions of coupling, as(More)
Cohesion is one of the fundamental measures of the 'goodness' of a software design. The most accepted and widely studied object-oriented cohesion metric is Chi-damber and Kemerer's Lack of Cohesion in Methods measure. However due to the nature of object-oriented programs , static design metrics fail to quantify all the underlying dimensions of cohesion, as(More)
Software metrics measure different aspects of software complexity and therefore play an important role in analyzing and improving software quality. Given the importance of object-oriented design techniques, a large number of object-oriented metrics for statically evaluating a design have been proposed. Cohesion is such a measure that evaluates the internal(More)