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An infrastructure is a set of interconnected structural elements , such as tools and schemas, that provide a framework for supporting an entire structure. The reverse engineering community has recognized the importance of in-teroperability, the cooporation of two or more systems to enable the exchange and utilization of data, and has noted that the current(More)
In this paper we present a platform independent analysis of the dynamic profiles of Java programs when executing on the Java Virtual Machine. The Java programs selected are taken from the Java Grande Forum benchmark suite, and five different Java-to-bytecode compilers are analysed. The results presented describe the dynamic instruction usage frequencies, as(More)
— We present a structured reformulation of the seminal algorithm for automatic generation of test cases for a context-free grammar. Our reformulation simplifies the algorithm in several ways. First, we provide a structured reformulation so that it is obvious where to proceed at each step. Second, we partition the intricate third phase into five functions,(More)
In this paper we present an investigation into the run-time behaviour of objects in Java programs, using specially adapted coupling metrics. We identify objects from the same class that exhibit non-uniform coupling behaviour when measured dynamically.We define a number of object level run-time metrics, based on the static Chidamber and Kemerer coupling(More)