James F Murphy

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We have carried out a randomised, controlled trial on 70 patients having unilateral total knee replacement in which transfusion was either with homologous bank blood or by reinfusion of unwashed blood salvaged after operation. No complications or adverse effects were observed from reinfusion. The need for bank blood was reduced by 86% in the reinfusion(More)
Mercury (Hg) concentration, reservoir mass, and Hg reservoir size were determined for vegetation components, litter, and mineral soil for two Sierran forest sites and one desert sagebrush steppe site. Mercury was found to be held primarily in the mineral soil (maximum depth of 60 to 100 cm), which contained more than 90% of the total ecosystem reservoir.(More)
Excessive sediment pressure on aquatic habitats is of global concern. A unique dataset, comprising instantaneous measurements of deposited fine sediment in 230 agricultural streams across England and Wales, was analysed in relation to 20 potential explanatory catchment and channel variables. The most effective explanatory variable for the amount of(More)
Anti-androgen (AA) therapy will cause hormone-sensitive prostate cancer cells to undergo apoptosis and/or enter the resting phase of the cell cycle. Although the decrease of tumor burden would be an advantage for tumor control when irradiation is subsequently added, the cells in resting phase would seemingly be less vulnerable to the usual type of(More)
A retrospective review of 149 patients receiving 162 renal transplants showed that 83% of these patients developed one or more infections during a follow-up period averaging one year. In 32 (73%) of 44 deaths, infection was an important contributing cause. In only four (9%) of the deaths were the patients free of infection at the time of death. The(More)
Between May 29 and September 13, 1991, 4 patients developed acute intravascular hemolysis during hemodialysis with Monitral-S delivery systems and Hospal BSM A77 blood lines. All had malaise, nausea and headache; 3 had severe abdominal pain and 2 became very ill. Plasma hemoglobins were 3-21 g/l and LDH 542-3,300 IU in the 4 patients. Hepatoglobin became(More)
Four combinations of litter and carcasses from broiler chickens were examined utilizing a thermophilic, stirred-tank digester of demonstration size of approximately 10,000 gal. Under computed optimal loading rates, litter with paper bedding had the highest daily production of methane over an 8-day retention period. The greatest methane production per lb of(More)
Sterile dialysate, free of endotoxin (ET) and other cytokine inducing factors, will probably become a future standard. High-flux dialysis with bicarbonate and reuse has the membrane, the pressures, and bacteriologic potential for ET fragments to pass from dialysate to the blood side of the membrane with activation of monocytes and production of cytokines.(More)
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