James F Morrison

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Using forests to mitigate climate change has gained much interest in science and policy discussions. We examine the evidence for carbon benefits, environmental and monetary costs, risks and trade-offs for a variety of activities in three general strategies: (1) land use change to increase forest area (afforestation) and avoid deforestation; (2) carbon(More)
BACKGROUND Global forests capture and store significant amounts of CO2 through photosynthesis. When carbon is removed from forests through harvest, a portion of the harvested carbon is stored in wood products, often for many decades. The United States Forest Service (USFS) and other agencies are interested in accurately accounting for carbon flux associated(More)
a better appreciation by the combatant branches of the understanding and co-operation which it is necessary should exist between them and the medical department. It is eminently practical, and is intended to illustrate, under assumed actual battle conditions the co-operation needed between the leading of troops and the sanitary service. In part 1, the(More)
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