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In this paper we develop a simple analytic characterization of the steady state throughput, as a function of loss rate and round trip time for a bulk transfer TCP flow, i.e., a flow with an unlimited amount of data to send. Unlike the models in [6, 7, 10], our model captures not only the behavior of TCP's fast retransmit mechanism (which is also considered(More)
Goals: The aim of this course is to provide the student with a deep understanding of the principles, structure , and operation of computer networks. The student completing this course should have a strong knowledge of the protocols and mechanisms used in the Internet, and of the design and operation of both wide-area and local-area computer/communication(More)
—The steady-state performance of a bulk transfer TCP flow (i.e., a flow with a large amount of data to send, such as FTP transfers) may be characterized by the send rate, which is the amount of data sent by the sender in unit time. In this paper we develop a simple analytic characterization of the steady-state send rate as a function of loss rate and round(More)
Recent interest in supporting packet-audio applications over wide area networks has been fueled by the availability of low-cost, toll-quality workstation audio and the demonstration that limited amounts of interactive audio can be supported b y t o day's Internet. In such applications, received audio packets are buuered, and their playout delayed at the(More)
In this paper, we develop a rigorous, unified framework based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to study epidemic routing and its variations. These ODEs can be derived as limits of Markovian models under a natural scaling as the number of nodes increases. While an analytical study of Markovian models is quite complex and numerical solution(More)
Providing video on demand (VoD) service over the Internet in a scalable way is a challenging problem. In this paper, we propose P2Cast - an architecture that uses a peer-to-peer approach to cooperatively stream video using patching techniques, while only relying on unicast connections among peers. We address the following two key technical issues in P2Cast:(More)
VBR compressed video is known to exhibit significant, multiple-time-scale bit rate variability. In this paper, we consider the transmission of stored video from a server to a client across a high speed network, and explore how the client buffer space can be used most effectively toward reducing the variability of the transmitted bit rate.We present two(More)
Underwater sensor networks are attracting increasing interest from researchers in terrestrial radio-based sensor networks. There are important physical, technological, and economic differences between terrestrial and underwater sensor networks. In this survey, we highlight a number of important practical issues that have not been emphasized in recent(More)
In packet audio applications, packets are buffered at a receiving site and their playout delayed in order to compensate for variable network delays. In this paper, we consider the problem of adaptively adjusting the playout delay in order to keep this delay as small as possible, while at the same time avoiding excessive “loss” due to the arrival of packets(More)
—Providing on-demand video streaming service over the Internet is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose DirectStream, a directory based peer-to-peer video streaming service that efficiently and cost-effectively provides video on-demand service with VCR operation support. We analytically and experimentally examine the system performance, and show(More)