James F Hester

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AIMS Epidemiological and animal studies have shown that maternal diet can influence metabolism in adult offspring. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these changes remain poorly understood. Here, we characterize the phenotypes induced by maternal obesity in a mouse model and examine gene expression and epigenetic changes induced by maternal diet(More)
We used a mouse C57BL/6J×CASA/Rk intercross to map a locus on chromosome 14 that displayed a gender-dependent effect on cholesterol absorption from the intestine. Studies in congenic animals revealed a complex locus with multiple operating genetic determinants resulting in alternating gender-dependent phenotypic effects. Fine-mapping narrowed the locus to a(More)
Deep sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene provides a comprehensive view of bacterial communities in a particular environment and has expanded our ability to study the impact of the microflora on human health and disease. Current analysis methods rely on comparisons of the sequences generated with an expanding but limited set of annotated 16S rRNA sequences or(More)
Recent sequencing of Plasmodium vivax field isolates and monkey-adapted strains enabled characterization of SNPs throughout the genome. These analyses relied on mapping short reads onto the P. vivax reference genome that was generated using DNA from the monkey-adapted strain Salvador I. Any genomic locus deleted in this strain would be lacking in the(More)
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