James F. Harvey

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— The stability and dispersion performance of the recently developed Battle–Lemarie multiresolution time-domain schemes is investigated for different stencil sizes. The contribution of wavelets is enhanced and analytical expressions for the maximum allowable time step are derived. It is observed that larger stencils decrease the numerical phase error,(More)
The authors assessed the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) for refractory epilepsy in 45 adults 50 years of age and older. They determined seizure frequency, adverse effects, and quality of life. At 3 months, 12 patients had a >50% decrease in seizure frequency; at 1 year, 21 of 31 studied individuals had a >50% seizure(More)
BACKGROUND Three different recombinant interferon beta (IFNbeta) preparations are currently available for the treatment of MS, two IFNbeta-1a products (Rebif and Avonex) and one IFNbeta-1b product (Betaferon). These products differ with respect to the recommended dose, the dosage regimen, and the injection route. This study compared the relative biologic(More)
BACKGROUND Neutralizing antibodies (NAB) to interferon beta (IFNbeta) occur in about one-third of MS patients treated with IFNbeta-1b and there is an association with a loss of clinical and MRI efficacy. However, there are no data regarding the bioavailability of IFNbeta-1b in patients with and without NAB. METHODS The authors measured MxA in whole blood(More)
This paper attempts to measure the capacity of consumers to efficiently choose between alternative suppliers. Across two independent datasets from the UK electricity market we find that the subsets of consumers who claimed to be switching exclusively for price reasons appropriated only between 26-39% of the maximum gains available through their choice of(More)
of the local reference node concept coupled with steady-state and transient analyses using state variables allows the incorporation of unrestrained EM modeling of microwave structures in a circuit simulator. A strategy implementing global modeling of electrically large microwave systems using the circuit abstraction is presented. This is applied to the(More)
—A full-wave moment-method technique developed for the analysis of quasi-optical (QO) systems is used to model finite grid structures in a lens system. This technique incorporates an electric-field dyadic Green's function for a grid centered between two lenses. This is derived by separately considering paraxial and nonparaxial fields. Results for the(More)
—The recently developed multiresolution time-domain technique (MRTD) is applied to the modeling of open microwave circuit problems. Open boundaries are simulated by the use of a novel formulation of the perfect matching layer (PML) absorber. PML is modeled both in split and nonsplit forms and can be brought right on the surface of the planar components. The(More)
NUTESON, TODD WILLIAM. Electromagnetic Modeling of Quasi-Optical Power Combiners. (Under the direction of Michael B. Steer.) A full-wave electromagnetic simulator is developed for the analysis of finite antenna elements and grid arrays in quasi-optical systems. This electromagnetic simulator employs an efficient Galerkin moment method technique with(More)
CHRISTOFFERSEN, CARLOS ENRIQUE. Global Modeling of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits (Under the direction of Michael B. Steer.) A global modeling concept for modeling microwave circuits is described. This concept allows the modeling of electromagnetic (EM) and thermal effects to be included in the simulation of electronic circuits, by viewing EM and thermal(More)