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We have used frequency-domain methods to characterize the spatial receptive-field structure of cat retinal W cells. For most ON- and OFF-center tonic and phasic W cells, measurements of responsivity to drifting gratings at various spatial frequencies could be adequately described by a difference-of-Gaussians (DOG) function, consistent with the presence of(More)
Astronauts returning from space have reduced red blood cell masses, hypovolaemia and orthostatic intolerance, marked by greater cardio-acceleration during standing than before spaceflight, and in some, orthostatic hypotension and presyncope. Adaptation of the sympathetic nervous system occurring during spaceflight may be responsible for these postflight(More)
The effects of radical neonatal decortication on the social play of juvenile rats, as well as the effects of neonatal ablation of frontal or parietal cortex, were examined in this series of experiments. When total decorticates were tested in like-lesioned pairs, the frequency of pinning was reduced by about 50% and their average pin durations were shorter.(More)
We measured vernier acuity in normal and amblyopic children using a procedure that resembles a video game and is suitable for testing most children older than 4 years old. In this procedure, subjects align bars using two keys of a computer keypad. Following binocular practice trials, monocular vernier acuity was measured in 38 control children, 5 to 15(More)