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The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy
Preface 1. The Birth of Astronomy 2. The Celestial Spheres 3. Some Applications of Spherics 5. Solar Theory and Time Reckoning 6. The Fixed Stars 7. Planetary Theory Bibliography Appendix: PatternsExpand
Physics, the Human Adventure: From Copernicus to Einstein and Beyond
This work is the third edition of the classic text "Introduction to Concepts and Theories in Physical Science". It has been reworked to further clarify the physics concepts and to incorporateExpand
Mechanical Astronomy: A Route to the Ancient Discovery of Epicycles and Eccentrics
The ancient Greek art of spbairopoiia was devoted to the building of models of the universe such as celestial globes and annillary spheres. But it also included the construction of geared mechanismsExpand
The Material Culture of Greek Astronomy
Ce document reprend en detail, a l'aide de supports photographiques et d'esquisses, les differents instruments mis au point par les Grecs qui leur permettaient d'effectuer leurs calculs en astronomieExpand
The Two Earths of Eratosthenes
This essay shows that Eratosthenes’ result of 252,000 stades for the Earth’s circumference follows from a solar distance that is attributed to him, indicating not only a lower limit for the size of the Earth, but also an upper limit, based on the assumption that the Sun is at a finite distance. Expand
On the function and the probable origin of Ptolemy's equant
We examine the roles of the equant point and the eccentric deferent circle in Ptolemy’s planetary theory. The necessity of these features of the model is demonstrated empirically by a study of theExpand
The optical–mechanical analogy in general relativity: New methods for the paths of light and of the planets
The optical–mechanical analogy involves the expression of geometrical optics and particle mechanics in the same mathematical language. In this paper, an especially simple version of theExpand