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On the Plurality of Worlds.
Preface. 1. A Philosopher's Paradise. The Thesis of Pluraliry of Worlds. Modal Realism at Work: Modality. Modal Realism at Work: Closeness. Modal Realism at Work: Content. Modal Realism at Work:Expand
Contrary-to-Duty Imperatives and Conditional Obligation
Evidently, deontic logicians agree with Russell; and, as Butler forewarned, morality is thereby menaced. Since its inception a little over fifty years ago with Ernst Mally's Grundgesetze des Sollens:Expand
Language, mind, and ontology
Part I: The Sixth Philosophical Perspectives Lecture: Computer Proof, Apriori Knowledge, and Other Monds: Tyler Burge. Part II: Intensionality and Intentionality: Teh Subject Verb Object Class I:Expand
Plantinga and the Ontological Argument
By following the admirable advice embodied in the above remarks. Alvin Plantinga has produced an original and important study of the ontological argument. Plantinga’s treatment is marked by anExpand
Hector-Neri Castañeda
One.- Self-Profile.- I. De Re: My Search for Philosophy.- 1. Family and Ecological Background.- 2. Sunday School: My Philosophico-Theological Crisis.- 3. Public Schools: My First Educational Crisis.-Expand
Philosophical analysis : a defense by example
Preface.- Part I: Origins of Analytic Philosophy.- Part II: Analyses of Belief, Knowledge and Sensation: Ancient, Modern and Contemporary.- Part III: Analysis of Mind and Language.- Part IV: AnalysisExpand
Deontic Paradox and Conditional Obligation
The present essay continues my examination of the fashionable conditional obligation approach for dealing with the various paradoxes of deontic logic. In [id] and [zz] I evaluated the conditionalExpand